Our Words Are Very Powerful

You may be someone who is more quiet or introverted. When you are a shy person, you may not think your words have power – this is untrue! 

Every single person’s words have meaning in this world. Using words is how many people communicate information and ideas. Through this process, we allow for different ideas to be explored, thoughts to be exchanged, and sentiments to be shared.

Words are powerful, but, as the phrase goes, with great power comes great responsibility! 

Are you using your words responsibly? Are you speaking kindly and beneficially to yourself? Are you speaking up for injustices in the world? 

These are important ways of using our words for good!

How Do I Use My Words With Myself and Others?

Are you using the power of your words in the best way possible? We all benefit from speaking kindly to ourselves. Speaking kindly to ourselves helps boost self-esteem and confidence. When we talk to ourselves in this way, we act as our own, personal cheerleaders. 

Think of the role of cheerleaders: most of the time, they cheer on the side of sports games and support the players. When you are your own cheerleader, you are playing the “sport” and cheering yourself on at the same time. 

Like an athlete in a game, you work hard to reach a goal and run after your dreams. As a cheerleader, you can also celebrate your victories and be proud of yourself for all that you do.

A Checklist

Do you feel like you may not be using your words beneficially? This checklist can help you determine if this is true. Ask yourself these questions. Are you…

  • Constantly putting yourself down and thinking negatively?

  • Endlessly making fun of yourself and using self-deprecating jokes?

  • Saying things like, ” I’m not worthy,” or “I’ll never be enough?”

  • Telling people “yes” when you really want to say “no.” For example, telling someone, you can help them with a task when you actually don’t have the time to do so.

  • Using your words in hurtful ways towards others?

  • Ignoring instances when you should speak up and help the people around you?

How to Use Your Power for Good

  • Speak positive affirmations, phrases, and quotes to yourself

  • Manifest and channel the power of your words

  • Fight against harmful ideas

    • If you feel like you keep putting yourself down and notice harmful ideas invading your thoughts, try to refute them: What if things don’t actually turn out that bad? I’ve made it through hard times before – I can do it again! Go against the critic in your head and continue to be your own cheerleader. Get your pom-poms and get ready and soar!

  • Use writing as an outlet

    • Think of your favorite book. When you read the words of your favorite author, poet, or philosopher, they stick with you. Certain lines in that book make you feel something and resonate with you. There are only 26 letters in the English alphabet but think of what fantastic magic they can make in all different combinations. Journal your emotions, creatively write, list your favorite quotes, write letters to your loved ones or yourself, etc.

  • Use your words to help others

    • With great power comes great responsibility, as mentioned before. We have to use our power for good, not just for ourselves but for other people. Support others, check in with loved ones, and remind them how much they mean to you. Advocate with your words for causes that matter to you! If you see injustice, know that your words matter and can make a difference.  

  • Don’t be swayed by anonymity

    • Sometimes, people say mean or hurtful things when they are under an anonymous user or profile. While using social media or any other platform, remember to be kind to others. Think before you comment or share your ideas- remember that there is a person on the other side of the screen.

Remember That…

No one should ever make you feel like your words are meaningless. You have the strength within you (sometimes, we don’t even realize how much we possess). If someone uses their words to hurt you or bring you down, that is not okay! 

Some people use their words with bad intentions. They don’t think before they speak, apologize, spread positivity, or try to empathize with others. Know that these behaviors say way more about them than they do about you. Focus on doing what is right and try to lead by your example of positivity and openness towards others.

Always remember that you are important and deserve respect. You can learn more about setting boundaries and distance with negative people through my article here. You deserve all the love and care you show others! Don’t settle for less.

Jackie Caputo, LMFT in Woodland Hills, CA | Therapy for Anxiety and Depression in Woodland Hills

About the Author

Jackie Caputo is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who provides therapy in Woodland Hills, CA. She also provides online therapy in California to individuals throughout the state.